Back to Basics – Get Educated

It’s easy to be an arm chair critic.  We complain about the integrity of our elected officials, or that they don’t work hard enough but it might interest you to know that most elected officials have a deep love of country and the people they serve and that most work just as hard as we do.  They work late into the night, hear more complaints than positive feedback and are always on call.  They don’t make CEO salaries yetstill keep pushing on for the good of our community.


The majority of our elected officials have accomplished many amazing things for their city, county, state and country in spite of the road blocks, lack of funding, unbalanced budgets and partisan battles.

In this new age of particpation and empowerment, we can make a difference by learning about how are government works, and how we can help our elected officials acomplish their goals and the goals of the community.

We are proud to be on the ground floor of this new wave of civic engagement.